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Definition: a state of decay or a decline in morality

Synonyms: deterioration, devolution, downfall, degeneration, corruption, decline, regression

Antonyms: flourishing, upswing

Tips: Decadence comes from the Latin word cadere, "to fall or sink." Decadence is usually used to metaphorically say that something is in an advanced state of decay, such as a decadent society in which moral values have atrophied (declined). The related adjective decadent describes something in a state of decadence (self-indulgence or moral decay), but is decadent is often used in a positive sense, to describe anything luxurious or plentiful.

Usage Examples:

Many pundits point to the disintegration of moral values to show that society is in a state of decadence. (decline, devolution)

The decadence of the Roman Empire, exemplified by the devotion of its rulers to sensual pleasure rather than governance, eventually caused its downfall. (corruption, degeneration)

Her college days were marked by a decadent lifestyle of excessive partying and no heed to responsibility or education. (self-indulgent, degenerate) adjective

Seniors often accuse the youth of living in decadence; this happens with every generation, and I just hope I don't do the same when I am older. (moral decline)

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