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Definition: 1. performed hastily, with scant attention to detail; 2. not thorough

Synonyms: brief, haphazard, perfunctory, casual, passing, hasty

Antonyms: complete, comprehensive, meticulous, thorough

Tips: Use cursory as a sophisticated way of describing a quick and hasty review of something. When you say you did a cursory review of a document, it means you have looked through it, but there is a good chance you won't be able to recall the details of the document. Cursory can also be used to describe a hasty and haphazard review of something; think, lazy, brief and not thorough. You would not want to perform a cursory review of something if it was considered important. For a memory trick, think of the cursor on your computer. The cursor allows you to quickly move across the screen. This is how you would review something on your computer if you reviewed it in a cursory manner.

Usage Examples:

In today's times, many doctors require only a cursory examination before they prescribe drugs. (brief, perfunctory)

I could tell he wasn't that interested in our vacation, as he did a cursory review of our photo album without really inspecting the pictures. (casual, hasty, brief)

We’re going to need more than cursory research to provide the client with a detailed report. (perfunctory, brief)

Based on my cursory review of the report, everything looks good, but I will need to review it in more detail before I make a final decision. (casual, passing)

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