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Definition: 1. an essential point requiring resolution (in an argument); 2. a main or central feature

Synonyms: basis, essence, gist, core, point

Antonyms: sidebar, add-on

Tips: Crux is derived from the Latin word crux, meaning "cross." The four arms of a cross meet at a central point. Thus, the crux of something is its central, most important aspect. When capitalized, Crux refers to the Crux Australia or Southern Cross, a constellation in the southern hemisphere. Crux is a great Power Word to use to describe something that is critical to a project.

Usage Examples:

While she has made many good points which may be debated later, the crux of the Senator's argument is that taxes should be lowered for middle-income taxpayers. (gist, point)

The crux of the problem is that our experiments simply don't seem to prove our theory. (basis, most important aspect)

Our company's marketing strategy will be the crux of our meeting today. (point, most important aspect)

How important do I think this issue is? I think it's the crux of the project. (basis, essence)

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