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Definition: vulgar and insensitive

Synonyms: coarse, crude, gross, boorish, indelicate, insensitive, oafish, unrefined, base

Antonyms: refined, sensitive, sophisticated

Tips: Crass comes from the Latin word crassus, "thick, solid, fat." In other words, physical and peasant-like, the opposite of spiritual, elegant, or refined. Crass may refer to something or someone too gross or crude for polite society, or to something base which has no redeeming spiritual or intellectual value.

Usage Examples:

The Senator's crass jokes scandalized the elegant dinner party. (coarse, indelicate)

Although many viewers deplore its crass materialism, television advertising still sells products. (base, indelicate)

It was rather crass of you to laugh when she fell down. (insensitive, oafish)

Her crass remarks certainly didn't win her any respect. (boorish, crude, unrefined)

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