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Definition: 1. to have a strong desire to possess something, especially something that belongs to someone else

Synonyms: desire, envy, want, crave, long for, wish for

Antonyms: renounce, abjure, forswear

Tips: Covet comes originally from the Latin word cupere, "to desire." But more than just desire, covet carries an association of desiring something that belongs to someone else, or that you can't have for some other reason. The adjective covetous describes a person who is greedy or strongly desires something. It can also describe that particular state of mind. A thing that is coveted is "desired." One of the 10 Commandments reads, "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife," meaning you should not desire or want another man's wife.

Usage Examples:

Many people believe that coveting your friends' belongings is sinful. (envying)

Bill had always coveted Bob's sleek, expensive car, the likes of which he could never afford for himself. (envied, wished for)

She won the coveted award after many years of hard work. (desired) adjective

I didnít covet her promotion because I knew that with it came heavy responsibility. (envy, desire)

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