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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. a formal, solemn, and binding agreement between two or more parties to uphold stipulations of an agreement; 2. a form of action to recover damages for violation of such a contract; 3. a solemn promise between church members to maintain its faith and discipline; (v.) to enter into an agreement in a covenant

Synonyms: (n.) agreement, treaty, contract, pact, pledge, (v.) agree, promise


Tips: A covenant is a formal contract. This word has Biblical origins and was intended as an agreement between God and His people. Its meaning is as strong and binding as it sounds. It is a rather formal word and is often used in the context of a pledge between nations. The related word coven denotes a plan or scheme.

Usage Examples:

The priests adhere to a covenant to cling to the church and reject carnal pleasures. (pledge, promise) noun

The nations entered into a covenant to become allies and assist one another with natural resources. (contract, agreement) noun

To me, marriage is the most sacred covenant that I will enter into in my life. (agreement, promise) noun

The friends entered into a covenant to meet in the same location every year no matter how far apart they lived or where they were in their lives. (pact, pledge) noun

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