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Definition: 1. a brilliant, unexpected stroke of triumph; 2. a sudden acquisition of power or leadership--a takeover

Synonyms: exploit, feat, maneuver, stratagem, achievement, overthrow, takeover, revolution, appropriation

Antonyms: failure, defeat, debacle, flop

Tips: Coup's Historical meaning among Native American's is the feat of bravery displayed by touching an enemy's body without causing injury. Think, any successful action or achievement that is "pulled off," meaning it was not easy and required some risk. In its meaning of "takeover," a coup is also known as a coup d'etat.

Usage Examples:

Donald Trump garnered an enormous financial coup after losing millions and gaining it all back. (achievement, feat)

The corporate coup caused such a stir that the ousted board members considered legal action. (takeover, overthrow)

It was a major coup for me to receive the scholarship, since there was some tough competition and only one award. (achievement, feat)

In what she considered to be her greatest personal coup, the millionaire's betrayed wife had her prenuptial agreement nullified by a judge. (feat, achievement, maneuver)

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