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Definition: 1. pertinent or belonging to the whole world; 2. having sophistication as a traveler; 3. conversant with many spheres of interest; 3. without local, provincial, or national prejudices; 4. at home with or in different countries and cultures; 5. occurring or growing in various parts of the world

Synonyms: worldly, sophisticated, global, universal, cultivated, metropolitan, well-traveled, tolerant, unbiased

Antonyms: finite, limited, bounded, insular, rustic, parochial, biased, bigoted, narrow-minded

Tips: Some cities, such as New York, have a mix of cultures and sophistication that make them cosmopolitan. Savvy, modern, and well-traveled, a cosmopolitan person has a wide breadth of perspectives from which to draw. Cosmopolitan is more than being sophisticated--it's sophisticated from world experiences and being well-traveled. Note how all of the different definitions for cosmopolitan refer to being worldly or well-traveled.

Usage Examples:

To be truly considered cosmopolitan, it helps to dress with a degree of avant-garde and edgy style. (metropolitan, worldly)

The marketing executive has a cosmopolitan vision that should bring us success in global markets. (global, worldly)

On my latest trip to Japan, I discovered a delicious spice that sadly, is not cosmopolitan, and can be found only in Japan. (universal, global)

Her cosmopolitan views reflected the fact that she had lived in several different countries and had the opportunity to learn about different cultures. (sophisticated, cultivated)

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