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Definition: 1. to set in a causal, mutual, or reciprocal relationship 2. to gather and compare the relationship between

Synonyms: connect, correspond, relate, complement, associate, equate, compare

Antonyms: disassociate

Tips: Correlate is a word used in statistics to measure the connection or relationship between two different objects or occurrences. Correlate is also a noun, referring to either of the things that correlate (relate, compare) to the other. The related word correlation refers to a connection or relationship, often a cause and effect relationship, between two or multiple things. Use correlation as a more sophisticated and statistical way of saying "connection."

Usage Examples:

The assignment was challenging because it asked students to correlate information from several sources. (connect, relate)

The strong correlation between adequate vitamin intake and lower incidence of eye disease should prompt more ophthalmologists to counsel their patients on good nutrition. (connection, relationship) noun

Tobacco companies say that smoking does not correlate to lung cancer, but the American Cancer Association claims otherwise. (correspond)

Research has shown over and over that there is a strong correlation between the breadth of your vocabulary and your success. (connection) noun

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