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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) 1. strongly felt; 2. showing or feeling warm friendliness; (n.) strong, sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal

Synonyms: appreciative, regardful, responsive, conscious, sincere, warm, welcoming, amicable, affectionate

Antonyms: aloof, cool, distant, hostile, unkind

Tips: The word cordial comes from ancient medical usage, when warming beverages were believed to be beneficial to one's health. More than polite, cordial describes sincere warmth, kindness, and regard for the welfare of others.

Usage Examples:

The cordial reception the traveler received upon landing in Hawaii caused her to consider unpacking her bags permanently. (welcoming, warm) adjective

With cordial regard, the stranger inquired whether the seemingly distraught woman needed assistance. (responsive, sincere) adjective

When we arrived in Denmark, we were greeted by a cordial reception at our friend's house. (welcoming, warm) adjective

They were wonderful hosts, and their cordial regard for our comfort made us sad to have to leave. (sincere, warm, regardful) adjective

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