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Definition: 1. conforming to the usual practices of accepted standards of conduct or taste; 2. lacking originality or individuality; unimaginative and routine; 3. commonly believed to be true, but often false (conventional wisdom)

Synonyms: acknowledged, customary, endorsed, established, time-honored, commonplace, ordinary, unimaginative, routine, stereotyped, prevailing, accepted

Antonyms: unconventional, irregular, questionable, refused, rejected, abnormal, exotic, radical, strange, unorthodox

Tips: The term conventional can be used to refer to warfare, indicating non-nuclear, customary warfare. While accepted and conventional ways can be good, not thinking "outside the box" can pose limits. When someone or something defies convention, it means that established methods or thinking don't apply--it means they are unconventional.

Usage Examples:

The new, technologically savvy consumer has forced companies to rethink conventional advertising. (customary, time-honored)

Moms like to attribute cold symptoms to the conventional wisdom that walking in the rain will make you sick, but in reality, being cold has nothing to do with catching one. (accepted, prevailing)

We had an unconventional beach wedding, taking our vows knee-deep in water. (unordinary, not customary)

He preferred a conventional approach to doing business and didn't like making deals on the golf course. (commonplace, routine)

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