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Definition: a continuous series of things that blend into each other seamlessly so that it's impossible to tell where one ends and the next begins

Synonyms: continuation, perpetuity, range, gamut

Antonyms: separation, distinction

Tips: A continuum is a continuous whole, though it is made up of separate parts. A continuum is something that changes gradually and has no clear dividing points or lines, although its extremes are quite different. Think of the way the colors in a rainbow continue, or blend, into one another, forming a continuum of color. Continuum can also be used to describe a series or range of things in one line or category. Think, continue or continuous.

Usage Examples:

Although we mark points in our life with birthdays and holidays, the progression of life is a continuum, with days, months, and years blending into each other far too quickly. (continuation, perpetuity)

One's education doesn't end with graduation; it's a lifelong continuum. (continuation, perpetuity)

With the endless continuum of personal computers to choose from, you should have little problem finding a computer that fits your needs. (range, gamut)

The continuum of colors in a rainbow can sometimes be so blurred, it's impossible to tell one color from the next. (range, continuation)

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