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Definition: 1. the quality of being consistent and uninterrupted throughout; 2. something that stays consistent throughout; 3. a detailed film script used to ensure consistency throughout

Synonyms: constancy, continuousness, succession, smoothness, flow, unity, consistency, cohesion

Antonyms: break, interruption, inconsistency

Tips: The word continuity is often used in marketing to denote consistency between broadcast and print advertising campaigns, as well as all other marketing efforts. Continuity ensures that all parts of a campaign, film, or other venture are unified and cohesive. Continuity is related to the word continue--continuity allows things to continue and be consistent, without interruption. The related adjective congruent means "consistent or compatible." If two things are congruent, they most likely have continuity.

Usage Examples:

The company was unhappy with its ad campaign because they felt that there was no continuity between the print and broadcast advertising; the two had very different styles. (flow, constancy)

Although I have officially resigned, Iím going to stay on until the new manager has been trained and feels comfortable in the position to ensure continuity of service. (continuousness, constancy)

I didn't like the movie because it seemed to jump from one scene to another without any continuity of the plot line. (continuousness, succession)

There is no continuity in my professor's lectures; he seems to jump from one subject to another without succession. (succession, smoothness, consistency)

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