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Definition: 1. being in actual contact, sharing a boundary, and touching physically; 2. near to and forming an unbroken sequence; 3. connected and uninterrupted in space or time

Synonyms: bordering, contractual, juxtaposed, neighboring, touching, adjacent, proximate, linked, coinciding, adjoining

Antonyms: apart, separated, remote

Tips: Contiguous events don't necessarily have to be caused one by the other, but they must happen adjacent in time. Serving two contiguous years on a board would indicate two successive years. Contiguous also describes a physical placement, as in sharing a border (contiguous states) or near to each other and forming a sequence of things.

Usage Examples:

Mark had a contiguous streak of bad luck and began to think he was a magnet for trouble, until things began to go his way again. (linked, coinciding)

The prospective home buyer stressed to his real estate agent his desire to live in the country, where he could be free of the contiguous tract homes of the suburbs. (juxtaposed, proximal)

I have contiguous meetings all day today, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to break for lunch. (bordering, adjoining)

Arizona and New Mexico are contiguous states. (adjacent, bordering)

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