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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. an organized, judged competition that matches rival abilities and performances on an individual basis to find the best; 2. a struggle for dominance or superiority between rivals or opposing individuals; (v.) to call into question, becoming the subject of dispute, contention, or litigation

Synonyms: (n.) competition, match, tournament, game, meet, debate, discord, rivalry, altercation, contention, (v.) dispute, litigate, debate, oppose

Antonyms: (n.) cooperation, surrender, agreement, (v.) acquiesce, agree, surrender, relinquish

Tips: The origins of contest come from the Latin contestari, "to bring an action at law." To contest is to challenge through formal or legal procedures. Note the difference in prounciation between the noun and verb: with the noun, the first syllable is stressed, with the verb, the emphasis is on the second syllable.

Usage Examples:

At some point, the arm-wrestling competition between the two friends became a contest of wills. (rivalry, match) noun

It is ridiculous to attempt to contest your traffic ticket if you show up late to your court appearance. (debate, dispute) verb

The contest started out as fun and games, but soon turned into a heated battle. (competition, tournament) noun

The model contested the use of her photo in the advertisement, stating that she had not signed a release form or been paid by the advertiser. (opposed, disputed) verb

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