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adjective, verb

Definition: (adj.) 1. perfect and complete in every aspect; 2. having all necessary qualities; (v.) to complete, fulfill, or conclude

Synonyms: (adj.) ideal, supreme, ultimate, gifted, talented, superior, absolute, (v.) complete, fulfill, conclude, culminate, affirm, validate

Antonyms: (adj.) defective, deficient, inadequate, incomplete

Tips: The verb consummate is spelled the same as the adjective consummate but is pronounced differently (short a on the adjective, long on the verb). Use the adjective consummate to describe someone who is perfect or ideal at something. (i.e: "He is the consummate salesman--he always knows the right thing to say to win the sale.") Consummate can also be used to describe something negative. (i.e: "He is a consummate {perfect, skilled, complete} liar.") The verb consummate means "to complete or fulfill." In business, you can consummate a deal over dinner. In relationships, consummate means "to have sex and 'complete' the relationship."

Usage Examples:

Annie was a consummate office assistant; professional, punctual, and always helpful. (ideal, ultimate) adjective

Letís consummate the new business by taking the client out to lunch after the contracts have been signed. (complete, affirm) verb

The soccer team's win was consummated with a victory dinner. (culminated, completed, fulfilled) verb

He was a consummate professional who never allowed personal feelings to get in the way of business. (ultimate, absolute)

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