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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) to make, build, or fabricate something; (n.) 1. something built or created; 2 an idea or theory devised from more simple concepts

Synonyms: (v.) build, make, create, form, compose, (n.) structure, concept, idea, theory

Antonyms: (v.) destroy

Tips: Construct, in its most common definition, means "to build." Think of the noun construction. The noun construct refers to an idea or theory. If you consider how you "build" an idea in your head, it makes it easier to see why you would call an idea or a theory a construct. Construct has a negative connotation when it means "to fabricate" (verb) or refers to "something made up" (noun).

Usage Examples:

He doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day because he thinks it is simply a construct invented by the greeting card, chocolate, and flower companies. (something fabricated) noun

The city plans to construct a new road to replace the old, dilapidated road. (build) verb

The building was constructed using concrete and steel. (built) verb

The new high-tech and global economies have forced economists to construct new economic models for assessing economic growth. (create, form) verb

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