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Definition: 1. to give someone something for care and safekeeping; 2. to get rid of something; 3. to commit or assign to something, especially something unpleasant

Synonyms: entrust, check, commit, deliver, transfer, relegate, impart


Tips: When learning the word consign, think of the related word consignment. If you sell something on consignment, you provide what you are selling to someone else, and they then sell it on your behalf and collect a commission for the sale. The definitions and uses of the verb consign are related and often refer to placing someone or something into the care of another. Consign can also refer to placing yourself or someone else in an unpleasant situation or to banishing someone or something from your mind. (i.e: "He was consigned (relegated) to a lower position on the committee.")

Usage Examples:

We consigned our ailing grandmother to a nursing home. (entrusted, committed)

The mailman consigned the package to my neighbor. (delivered, entrusted)

She was consigned to a wheel chair after her car accident. (relegated, committed)

It's been so long since I took a vacation, travel has been consigned to my distant memories. (transferred, relegated)

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