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Definition: 1. to imply something additional to the literal meaning of something; 2. to imply a condition or consequence

Synonyms: suggest, imply, insinuate, allude, indicate, convey


Tips: When ideas are connoted, they are not directly stated, but rather implied. Some words give an automatic association of ideas through common usage that are not explicit but implied. For example, the word “hearth” often connotes coziness and warmth. The related noun connotation refers to an implied meaning or insinuation. Connote is different from denote because to denote actually means "to explicitly define."

Usage Examples:

The musical refrain in the movie gave a connotation of impending doom. (implication) noun

To me, hugs connote love, friendship, and kindness. (imply, convey)

His silence in response to your questions may connote that he’s thinking it through before answering, or it might mean that he simply didn’t hear you. (suggest, indicate)

I don't understand how the word "lady" could have a negative connotation, but many feminists feel it does. (suggestion, insinuation) noun

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