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Definition: 1. to call or bring about an image in one's mind; 2. to summon or call forth a supernatural force; 3. to perform an illusion or magic spell

Synonyms: evoke, summon, call, adjure, charm, invoke, rouse, exorcise, concoct


Tips: You have probably heard someone say, "That conjures up images," meaning it "brings to mind or creates images." You have also probably heard someone say, "I will conjure up something," meaning he or she will think up something, usually a recipe for something to eat or a solution to a problem.

Usage Examples:

The smell of my mother's apple pie always conjured images of happy family gatherings. (evoked, brought to mind)

The magician conjured fire from a glass of water. (evoked, concocted)

You've been late to work so many times this month, you really can't conjure up any more excuses. (invoke)

The witch conjured a spell which would keep the beauty asleep for one hundred years. (invoked)

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