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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete information--speculation; (v.) to form an opinion based on speculation or assumption

Synonyms: (n.) speculation, hypothesis, assumption, guess, (v.) speculate, presume, suppose

Antonyms: demonstrate, prove

Tips: Conjecture is derived from the Latin com- with jacere, literally meaning "to throw together." Think, "to throw together a guess or speculation." One hears conjecture in the legal field, frequently referring to inferences not based solidly on hard evidence. Use conjecture as a more sophisticated way of saying "speculate."

Usage Examples:

The defense attorney was angered by the prosecutor's commentary, which seemed to be pure conjecture. (speculation) noun

There has been quite a bit of conjecture as to whether or not the celebrity couple got married over the weekend. (speculation) noun

His claims were dismissed as mere conjecture because he didnít have any evidence to support them. (speculation, hypothesis) noun

The financial analyst wasnít willing to conjecture on whether or not the Fed would once again lower interest rates. (guess, speculate) verb

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