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Definition: to overlook and accept as harmless, behavior which is considered immoral or wrong--to make allowances for bad behavior, without criticism

Synonyms: overlook, pardon, disregard, tolerate, sanction

Antonyms: censure, condemn, denounce, forbid

Tips: When you are lenient with objectionable behavior and allow it to happen, you condone it. Taking a conciliatory attitude toward someone and condoning negative actions may be frowned upon by others. Note that condone is not a synonym of approve or accept. Condone is a synonym for excuse, forgive, and overlook. When you condone something, you are allowing bad behavior to take place or you are "looking the other way" instead of acknowledging and punishing the person.

Usage Examples:

To initially condone bad behavior may give truth to the phrase, "give them an inch, and they'll take a mile." (overlook, tolerate)

If you condone dishonesty in the company you keep, what's to stop you from becoming untruthful yourself? (disregard, pardon)

Many people argue that the United Nations condones violence by not acting to stop the civil wars taking place in Africa. (ignores, overlooks)

He initially condoned his company's questionable policies, but later spoke out against them. (tolerated, overlooked)

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