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Definition: 1. to behave toward other people as though they are less important or less intelligent than you are (act in a condescending manner); 2. to do something that you would normally consider yourself too important or dignified to do

Synonyms: patronize, talk down to, lower, deign, stoop


Tips: To condescend someone is to talk down to that person, to patronize. To condescend also means to "lower yourself" and associate yourself with people or activities that you believe to be beneath you. Condescending is the adjective form of condescend. It describes acting in a snobbish, haughty, or superior manner. If you are being condescending, you are talking down to someone. Condescend is synonymous with patronize. See patronizing for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

I wonder if the big celebrity will condescend to attend the local charity event. (deign)

Her condescending tone irritated me, since we are, in fact, equals. (superior, patronizing) adjective

Donít condescend yourself and lower your standards for employment; there are other jobs out there. (lower)

The arrogant professor was known for speaking to his students in a condescending manner. (patronizing) adjective

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