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Definition: 1. to make something more concise; 2. to make or become more compact; 3. to remove water from; 4. to cause a gas to become a liquid

Synonyms: compress, consolidate, compact, abridge, shorten summate, make dense, thicken

Antonyms: amplify, enlarge, expand, lengthen, disband, separate

Tips: To condense something like a speech or letter is to make it more concise. The related noun condensation is a process in chemistry where liquids become gases--they condense. In cooking, you can condense, and thereby thicken, a liquid by removing water. Think, "make smaller or more dense." There are number of words that refer to making something smaller or more brief. They include truncate, curtail, abridge, and abbreviate. Truncate and curtail often refer to making something smaller, often in a more negative way. Condense, abridge, and abbreviate often refer to articles, books, and documents. Abbreviation often refers to the shortening of a single word. Condense will often refer to the shortening of a paragraph of text or a document, while abridge will generally refer to the shortening of a complete document, book, or story.

Usage Examples:

You'd better condense your resume before someone mistakes it for an autobiography. (abridge, summate)

Why don't we condense the project and leave the extraneous details to our assistants. (consolidate, compact)

An easy way to condense a sauce is by allowing some of the liquid to evaporate. (thicken, compact)

I'm very busy today, so we'll need to condense our meeting. (shorten, abridge)

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