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Definition: 1. to create something imaginative by combining ingredients in a new, unplanned way, especially in cooking; 2. to invent an ingenious story or plan in order to deceive someone

Synonyms: create, contrive, prepare, combine, blend, mix, cook up, commingle, brew, devise, invent, scheme


Tips: Concoct can be similar to commingle, except that there is more inventiveness in concocting something. One can concoct a meal or a plan. So, this word is more specific with regard to what is being put together. A concoction is something concocted. "Take a sip of this cocktail I just concocted."

Usage Examples:

With a basic knowledge of ingredients and cooking methods, it is easy to concoct interesting dishes. (create, cook up)

With her overactive imagination, she was forever concocting unsuccessful schemes. (contriving, inventing)

In order to get out of taking the test, the boy concocted a wild excuse for why he had to miss school that day. (invented, contrived)

Come over for dinner tonight and try the amazing new recipe I just concocted. (created, cooked up)

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