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Definition: 1. reluctant act of compromising; 2. admitting to point in an argument; 3. a special privilege granted to someone; 4. the right to use land for special privilege

Synonyms: compromise, acknowledgment, admission, allowance, grant, acquiescence, assent, permission, authorization

Antonyms: denial, disputation, protest

Tips: The related verb concede means "to admit" or "acknowledge." If you make a point in an argument, then admit that someone else is right, you are conceding the point. In politics, a concession speech is one where the loser concedes (acknowledges his loss and his opponent's victory). When negotiating, each side makes concessions--they give something up in order to find a compromise. A concession stand is a stand that has been given special license to sell goods. Concession stands are often found at sporting events and carnivals and are authorized to sell sports memorabilia, souvenirs, and food items.

Usage Examples:

She felt that making a concession early in the argument might grant her bartering power on bigger issues. (compromise, grant)

Both sides will need to make some concessions in order for the deal to go through. (compromises, allowances)

The defense attorney asked the judge for a concession so that he could have more time to prepare his case. (allowance)

Political candidates usually concede a race when it becomes clear that they will lose. (acknowledge, admit [defeat]) verb

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