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Definition: 1. to admit, usually with reluctance, that something is true or that someone is right; 2. to accept defeat, usually before the final outcome in an election, fight, or debate; 3. to grant something, such as a right or privilege

Synonyms: admit, acknowledge, allow, accede, yield, accord, acquiesce, fold, grant, yield, surrender

Antonyms: deny, refute, repudiate, oppose

Tips: Concede is often used in the context of admitting to something, as in, "Officials concede that there are problems." Candidates in elections will be reported as having conceded to their opponent before votes are completely tallied. To concede is to come to a form of compromise. Concede is different from acquiesce in that concede is often used to denote grudgingly giving in, while acquiesce denotes passively agreeing, rather expressing approval or support.

Usage Examples:

Al Gore originally conceded the election to George W. Bush, but then withdrew his concession and challenged the vote count. (accede, yield)

I sometimes concede the point in question with my volatile friend to avoid further argument. (acquiesce, fold)

I conceded to sign the contract when they offered me a compromise. (acceded, acquiesced)

He will never concede to his opponent; he will fight to win. (yield, surrender, fold)

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