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Definition: 1. covering completely in range or scope; 2. exhibiting expansive mental understanding

Synonyms: inclusive, thorough, complete, expansive, exhaustive, extensive, far-reaching

Antonyms: exclusive, limited, narrow, selective

Tips: One hears insurance companies boast of comprehensive plans that cover all potential problems. There are comprehensive finals in school, covering all course material. In an interview, it would be beneficial to bring a comprehensive knowledge of the company to the table.

Usage Examples:

The astronomer's comprehensive knowledge of space theory led him to be a sought-after speaker. (expansive, exhaustive)

My comprehensive earthquake survival kit includes water, canned foods, and first aid supplies. (inclusive, complete)

I always hated comprehensive exams in school, as it required me to remember everything I learned during the semester. (complete, extensive)

My auto insurance company is raising the rate of my comprehensive collision insurance, so I may have to sign up for a more limited plan. (inclusive, extensive)

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