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verb, adjective, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to combine elements to create a whole; 2. to worsen a situation by adding to it; (adj.) mixed or combined together; (n.) 1. combination of two elements or parts; 2. an enclosed area containing buildings

Synonyms: (v.) unite, combine, join, mix, intensify, exacerbate, aggravate, complicate, (adj.) mixed, combined, (n.) blend, mixture, enclosure

Antonyms: (v.) separate, lessen, reduce

Tips: In finance, you can pay compounded interest on accrued interest and principal--that is double interest, compounded due to a person not paying the original interest. Or, if you allow your interest investments to compound, you are investing your interest profits back into the investment and allowing it to grow exponentially. In chemistry, compounds are united elements.

Usage Examples:

Don't compound the chaos by speaking out of turn! (aggravate, complicate) verb

We suffered a flat tire on the highway, and our problems were compounded when we locked the keys in the car. (exacerbated, intensified) verb

It's definitely a good idea to start investing in an IRA early on, since the compounded interest will grow exponentially over time. (combined) adjective

The multiple buildings on the farm property formed a large family compound, big enough for many friends and visitors. (enclosure, group of buildings) noun

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