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Definition: 1. completing something or making two things into one whole; 2. being complements of each other

Synonyms: integral, corresponding, parallel, interrelated, interdependent, matched, interconnected

Antonyms: unrelated

Tips: Complementary is derived from the Latin word for "fill up," or "complete." When something complements another, it completes it. Often, certain wines complement particular dishes, or are complementary with food. A complementary arrangement is one which is compatible to both parties. Note the difference between complement and its homonym compliment. A compliment is a "remark of praise," and complement refers to "something that completes."

Usage Examples:

Wine experts used to say that red wine is complementary to steak and white wine to fish, but now many people agree it is an individual preference. (corresponding, matched)

The gospel choir consisted of many complementary voices. (matched, interdependent)

I went shopping today because I wanted to find a necklace to complement my dress. (complete) verb

Our working styles complement each other very well. (complete, parallel, integrate with) verb

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