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Definition: 1. the inclination or tendency to yield willingly to the requests of others; 2. disposition to please in an obliging manner

Synonyms: acquiescence, deference, compliance, graciousness, agreeableness

Antonyms: disagreeableness, defiance

Tips: Think, "comply." A person's affinity for complaisance may not be the most noteworthy behavioral trait, unless it is tempered with strength of spirit. When used as a mode of treating guests in a kind and affable manner however, it is more admirable. Do not confuse with the homonym complacent, which means "self-satisfied."

Usage Examples:

The young man's complaisance was a mask for unexpressed anger. (graciousness, deference)

In the military, complaisance to superiors is absolutely imperative. (deference, acquiescence)

Ken's quiet complaisance made his boss trust him with important tasks. (acquiescence, compliance)

Her eager complaisance made it easy for co-workers to take advantage of Mary and dump extra work on her. (compliance, agreeableness)

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