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Definition: 1. able to live or function in harmony and without conflict; 2. (in technology) capable of efficient integration so operation can begin within a new system without requiring conversion--able to be used together

Synonyms: agreeable, cooperative, concordant, harmonious, congruent

Antonyms: incompatible, disagreeable, unsuited

Tips: The related noun compatibility refers to the ability of two or more things or people to coexist harmoniously. To be compatible within work and personal relationships is to be agreeable and flexible. In addition, one hears compatible with reference to computer technology and the ability to use software with different computers and operating systems.

Usage Examples:

The couple broke up when they realized that their lifestyles were not compatible with one another. (congruent, agreeable)

Component compatibility problems forced the hardware vendor to reconfigure the file server. (harmony, similarity) noun

Our personalities are very compatible, and that's why we're such great friends. (harmonious, agreeable, similar)

The company's new computer operating system is not compatible with any of the old software, so we'll have to upgrade to all new software. (concordant, congruent)

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