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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. an order; 2. control over somebody or something; 3. in-depth knowledge or great skill (especially with a language); (v.) 1. to give an order; 2. to have authority or control over someone or something; 3. to demand or be entitled to something; 4. to look over something (such as a view)

Synonyms: (n.) order, demand, rule, mandate, request, instruction, authority, power, domination, understanding, knowledge, grasp, mastery, (v.) tell, direct, require, overlook

Antonyms: (n.) incertitude, (v.) follow, obey, comply

Tips: Command is derived from the Latin mandare, which means "to order" or "entrust." This is also the root for the English word "mandate." Command is an excellent word because it can be used in so many ways. Its underlying meaning in all of its uses is that whatever or whoever commands, or is described as commanding, is above someone or something else; a commanding officer, a commanding view, command of a foreign language, command over another person, etc.

Usage Examples:

The officer was given a command, and he followed it. (order, demand) noun

His complete command over his staff comes from his ability to use authority in a respectful, not domineering, manner. (authority, power) noun

Jeremy is a captivating speaker who commands the attention of everyone in the room when presenting an idea. (requires, demands) verb

I love my new hillside home because it commands an amazing view of the ocean. (overlooks) verb

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