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Definition: 1. to affect or influence another person's opinions or beliefs, making his or her judgment less objective; 2. to misrepresent something to make it seem less important

Synonyms: influence, skew, affect, change, alter, sway, corrupt, bias, mislead, distort


Tips: Though we are all familiar with the word color when used as a noun meaning "the physical and perceptible tone, saturation, or hue of an object," the word can also be used as a verb. In this function, it can refer to changing the color of something, both literally and figuratively--it can denote the changing of opinions or beliefs and influencing other's judgments, often in a negative way. Think of "painting" over another person's perception of a situation in order to alter his or her view of that situation. Likewise, a situation can "take on a different color (noun)," and in this case, color would refer to mood or feeling.

Usage Examples:

His opinion of women was colored by an unhappy marriage and subsequently difficult divorce. (skewed, affected, distorted)

In her closing statement, the attorney attempted to color the jury's view of the client with a heartfelt story from his early childhood. (influence, alter, affect)

My initial opinion of her was colored by the rumors I had heard. (skewed, influenced)

Don't try to color my opinion of the situation by injecting your own views. (influence, alter, affect, distort)

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