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Definition: secret conspiracy between people or companies for illegal, deceitful, or fraudulent purposes

Synonyms: scheme, plot, scam, racket, conspiracy


Tips: To collude is similar to collaborate, except instead of collaborating with the enemy, there is general cooperation to deceive another. In economics, rival companies may work in collusion to impact the market for mutual benefit. Collusion almost always refers to two or more parties working together to defraud a third party.

Usage Examples:

The casino employees pulled off a major robbery in collusion with professional thieves. (scheme, plot)

Large corporations sometimes act in collusion to raise prices on a product, leaving disgruntled consumers few choices. (scam, plot)

Our collusion to embezzle funds was busted when an e-mail hinting of our plans was intercepted by company management. (conspiracy, plot)

The detective had a theory about how the collusion may have taken place, but he would not be able to prove it until he had interviewed all the conspirators. (conspiracy, scheme, scam)

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