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Definition: informal and conversational in tone

Synonyms: conversational, idiomatic, informal, familiar, slang

Antonyms: formal, literary

Tips: A colloquial style is one in which there is broken syntax and casual enunciation. A lot of popular music has colloquial lyrics. Colloquial is used in business as a more sophisticated way of saying "conversational." (i.e: "We need this advertisement to be more colloquial if we want it to resonate with the general public.") Colloquial is a more sophisticated adjective to use to describe the vernacular or common language of people.

Usage Examples:

Learning to speak colloquial Spanish may be more useful than learning the more formal language. (conversational, informal)

Different sections of the United States have distinctly varying sets of colloquial phrases and words. (idiomatic, slang)

The group has its own colloquial language that is very difficult for outsiders to understand. (conversational, idiomatic)

When giving a speech, it may ease your nerves to be a little less formal and more colloquial. (conversational, familiar)

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