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Definition: to engage in deep thought, to ponder and reflect upon, or to turn over in one's mind

Synonyms: contemplate, reflect, meditate, ruminate, muse, brainstorm, mull


Tips: To cogitate is to deliberate carefully and deeply. Think of the cogs in a wheel turning, and think of the figurative "wheels spinning" to describe your brain working to devise a plan or solution. This is the sense of cogitate.

Usage Examples:

Some people find it helpful to write their thoughts on paper as they cogitate ideas. (ruminate, brainstorm)

Julie never changed her mind once she spent time cogitating the pros and cons of a decision. (contemplating, musing)

I'll need to sit with this idea and cogitate on it for a while. (reflect, ruminate)

The novelist liked to cogitate over her ideas for a new book before she put anything down on paper. (brainstorm, meditate, contemplate)

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