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Definition: 1. to pamper in an overprotective and indulgent way; 2. to gently cook (an egg) in water just under the boiling point

Synonyms: pamper, cosset, baby, indulge, brew, simmer, poach

Antonyms: ignore, neglect

Tips: Coddle is often used to describe parents who are overprotective of their children, and as a result, their children grow up spoiled and with a poor understanding of reality. Coddle is an example of behavior that can be cloying. When someone coddles another, the recipient is likely to manipulate the situation and take advantage of it. Law enforcement does not wish to coddle criminals.

Usage Examples:

Celebrities are often coddled when they break the law. (pampered, indulged)

To promote his independence, the parents tried to refrain from coddling their son. (babying, cosseting)

My friend coddles her dog so much that he is completely spoiled. (pampers, indulges)

If you coddle your children too much, they may grow up to be stubborn and demanding in adulthood. (indulge, pamper)

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