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Definition: to change or cause to change from a liquid to a solidified or thickened state

Synonyms: thicken, solidify, congeal, clot, gelatinize, set, firm, condense, curdle

Antonyms: liquefy, melt

Tips: The word coagulate comes from the Latin coagere, "to drive together." In a chemical sense, when particles group together to form a solid mass, they are said to coagulate. This process is known as coagulation. Something described as coagulated has come together to form a solid or thickened substance. When a blood on a cut binds together to form a scab, it coagulates.

Usage Examples:

Gelatin mix coagulates water to form gelatin. (solidifies, gelatinizes, sets)

Olive oil will coagulate if you put it in the refrigerator. (thicken, gelatinize)

People with hemophilia have blood that does not coagulate properly when they are wounded. (clot, set)

Enzymes help milk coagulate to form cheese or yogurt. (curdle, condense)

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