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Definition: 1. to go around something in order to avoid it; 2. to outwit someone through cleverness

Synonyms: evade, avoid, sidestep, bypass, circumnavigate, outwit

Antonyms: conform, cooperate

Tips: Circumvent is derived from the Latin circumvenire, "to come around." When you avoid or elude something, such as a legal restriction, by finding a way to get around it, you circumvent it.

Usage Examples:

They want us to complete hundreds of forms in order to bid on this project; is there any way we can circumvent some of this work? (avoid, bypass)

I was completely flabbergasted when my assistant circumvented my authority and went straight to upper-management to request a vacation. (bypassed, circumnavigated)

Jean applied for a business license in another state to circumvent her state's high taxes. (avoid, evade)

The thieves circumvented the alarm system using sophisticated technology. (outwitted)

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