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Definition: 1. indirect and wordy language; 2. evasion in speech, especially to indirectly say something unpleasant

Synonyms: evasion, wordiness, verbosity, redundancy, prolixity

Antonyms: directness

Tips: Circumlocution is a way of trying to get around a subject by not getting directly to the point. Politicians use it frequently. One could say politicians are often inclined to use circumlocutory language. "Circumlocution office" is a negative term referring to red tape in a governmental office. See also: circuitous.

Usage Examples:

After a few glasses of wine, Jerry began to talk with circumlocution and never got to his point. (wordiness, prolixity)

The phrase "developmentally disabled" is a kind of circumlocution which tries to be politically correct. (evasion, redundancy)

The senator's circumlocutory way of speaking can make journalists quite impatient with him. (indirect, evasive) adjective

Your circumlocution is getting us nowhere; please be direct and get to the point! (prolixity, wordiness)

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