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Definition: 1. describes indirect, unclear speech or behavior; 2. having a circular, indirect course

Synonyms: circular, meandering, roundabout, indirect

Antonyms: direct, straightforward

Tips: Circuitous is derived from the Latin circuitus, "a going around." Think of the word circle and the idea of talking or moving in circles. When referring to moving or traveling, circuitous often refers to an indirect route or bad directions. A circuitous answer is one that goes in circles and does not get to the point in a clear and cogent manner. When someone is too verbose and circuitous, it is distracting and unimpressive.

Usage Examples:

The parade forced us to take a circuitous route to our favorite restaurant. (meandering, roundabout)

The writer had to curb her tendency to use circuitous language. (circular, meandering)

He gave us directions that were lengthy and circuitous instead of giving us the most direct route. (meandering, indirect)

Her circuitous explanation was totally confusing and managed to miss the whole point. (roundabout, indirect, meandering)

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