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Definition: 1. to stop or slow down something; 2. to control the urge to say or utter something; 3. to block an opponent, as in a physical sport; 4. to give something to someone else for temporary safekeeping; 5. to examine something; 6. to confirm or establish that something is true

Synonyms: stop, block, halt, stifle, control, suppress, repress, curb, inspect, examine, investigate, confirm, verify


Tips: In addition to its many verb usages, the word check is also a noun denoting an examination, a paper substitute for money, a bill in a restaurant, a pattern consisting of squares, etc. The word has many uses in today's English, but on the SAT exam, it's most important to remember that check means "to stop or block," as in, "check (control) yourself" or "check (block) the other team's forward player." Think of the rap song lyrics "check yourself before you wreck yourself;" meaning "don't let your temper get the best of you and force you to do something stupid."

Usage Examples:

You have a tendency to talk too much in class, so try to check yourself. (stop, control)

The full-back checked our quarterback and knocked the wind out of him. (blocked, stopped)

Could you please check this research for accuracy? (verify, confirm)

You should try to check your appetite, because you seem to have gained some extra weight recently. (control, curb, suppress)

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