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Definition: 1. characterized by cautious hesitance and vigilance; 2. afraid of risks and sparing in action

Synonyms: constrained, cautious, hesitant, particular, guarded

Antonyms: careless, negligent, reckless, unconcerned, imprudent, cavalier

Tips: Whether chary is negative or positive would depend on the context. One must take risks in life and business, yet it is not good to be rash or reckless. Chary rhymes with wary and is very similar in meaning.

Usage Examples:

The chary investor spent much time deliberating over his stock purchases. (cautious, particular)

The chary job hunter missed an excellent networking opportunity when she waited too long to approach her target. (constrained, guarded)

Always be chary when making a big purchase, like a car, to be sure you don't regret it later. (cautious, particular)

Our company has, unfortunately, hired some unreliable people in the past, so we're now more chary when it comes to interviewing potential employees. (cautious, guarded)

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