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Definition: 1. very sarcastic or bitter in tone; 2. corroding or eating away by chemical action

Synonyms: sarcastic, bitter, scathing, biting, harsh, virulent, acrimonious, corroding, corrosive

Antonyms: kind, soothing, soft

Tips: Although caustic is most commonly used as an adjective, it can also be a noun, used to denote a chemical substance that corrodes. Caustic is derived from the Latin kaiein, "to burn." Think of harsh words that burn or scathe. For a memory trick, note how caustic sounds like "cause sick." Now imagine that someone used caustic language to criticize you and the words were so harsh they "caused you to be sick."

Usage Examples:

Her caustic comments have caused most of her coworkers to dislike her. (scathing, virulent)

The D.A. caustically denounced the company’s corrupt business practices and vowed to punish those who were responsible. (bitterly, harshly) adverb

The comedian's caustic jokes made some people laugh, but offended others. (sarcastic, biting)

The caustic substance burned a hole right through the metal container in which it was stored. (corrosive)

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