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Definition: 1. not restricted by any reservations and with no doubt or contradiction--absolute, complete; 2. pertaining to a category or grouping

Synonyms: absolute, unqualified, unconditional, definite, unequivocal, explicit, certain, classifiable, representative

Antonyms: qualified, equivocal, tentative, uncertain, conditional

Tips: Often in the media, we hear of somebody categorically denying something, which means that they are denying it completely and unequivocally, with a focus on complete and total denial. Categorically and unequivocally are similar words. It is best to use unequivocally to describe how you will answer a question. If you answer a question unequivocally, you are not trying to hide anything (equivocate)--you are being straight and clear. Categorical can be used to describe anything that is absolute, defined, explicit and is often used to reject any suggestion of guilt or involvement in something nefarious (bad).

Usage Examples:

The company issued a statement in which they made a categorical rejection of their rival's bids to buy them out. (absolute, definite, unconditional)

After exhaustive research I believe we have a categorical understanding of the issue at hand. (absolute, complete, definite)

He categorically denied having anything to do with the disappearance of the missing girl. (absolutely, unequivocally) adverb

Her categorical resignation meant that there would be no convincing her to stay at her job. (unconditional, certain)

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