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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to get people's opinions by asking specific questions; 2. to consider and analyze something in detail; 3. to cover with a canvas; (n.) 1. heavy, closely woven fabric used for painting, sail-making, tent-making, and sewing; 2. the background to something; 3. a painting done on canvas

Synonyms: (v.) scrutinize, examine, survey, solicit, (n.) cloth, fabric, sail, tent, tarp, background, painting


Tips: The verb form of canvas, meaning "to survey a large number of people" or "to attempt to gain support, especially by making household visitations," is often spelled canvass. In business, it is used when talking about canvassing for potential clients. In real estate, agents canvass neighborhoods. Remember, the verb canvass may have two "ss," and the noun canvas is spelled with one "s."

Usage Examples:

As a real-estate agent, I would often canvass a neighborhood and go door-to-door asking people if they would be interested in selling their homes. (survey, solicit) verb

When making the sails for our new boat, we should opt to use the strongest piece of canvas we can find. (fabric) noun

While at the convention, I decided to canvass the floor to look for potential opportunities, before talking to anyone at the many booths. (survey, examine) verb

As a new real estate agent, it's important to canvass the area where you will be showing homes so you can be as helpful and knowledgeable as possible when working with clients. (survey) verb

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