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Definition: 1. insincere statement or statements, especially about religious or moral subjects; 2. specialized language used by those in a specific group or profession, sometimes boring or cliched language

Synonyms: sanctimony, hypocrisy, pretense, monotone, jargon, lingo, lexicon, vocabulary, terminology, slang


Tips: In addition to insincere talk, cant can also refer to a slope, a sloping edge, or a jolt that moves something out of position.

Usage Examples:

The story he told to the crowd, about knowing what people need to do to go to heaven, was just cant. (pretense, sanctimony)

The lawyers' cant often left their clients unsure of what, exactly, was said. (lingo, jargon, terminology)

I wish my doctor would speak to me in plain English rather than medical cant. (terminology, jargon)

All his big talk about wanting to help people and improve living conditions for the poor was just cant, which he knew would help get him elected. (sanctimony, hypocrisy)

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