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Definition: 1. honest, straightforward, and sincere, without reserve; 2. informal and natural

Synonyms: forthright, frank, guileless, sincere, unbiased, straightforward, earnest, informal, improvised, spontaneous, fair

Antonyms: deceitful, devious, indirect, insincere

Tips: Candid is derived from the Latin candidus, "bright" from candere, "to shine or glow." Think, "open for the light to shine through," or "not afraid to let light expose your true feelings." When someone offers a candid opinion, that person is not hiding behind any kind of mask or fašade--a candid person is open and honest. The related noun candor means "frankness or honesty." Candid is related to forthright and ingenuous. If you are candid, you speak openly without reservation. If you are forthright, you are direct and to the point, often in a blunt way. Finally, if you are ingenuous, you are sincere and stating only your genuine feelings. (See also: disingenuous and forthright.)

Usage Examples:

We need to have a candid conversation about the state of our company and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. (frank, sincere)

She was very candid with the journalist during the interview and revealed many personal details of her life. (forthright, earnest)

Her candor made for an interesting article. (frankness, honesty) noun

A few candid moments often make an over-rehearsed presentation more interesting. (improvised, spontaneous)

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