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Definition: a falsehood or misrepresentation told in order to harm someone or hurt a person's reputation

Synonyms: slander, defamation, libel, misrepresentation, vituperation, smear

Antonyms: praise

Tips: Calumny often connotes the idea of malice or the intent to harm. The verb calumniate means "to defame someone or to make false statements intended to harm a person's name or reputation." Defame and malign are probably better words to use than calumniate, as they are easier to say and more people are familiar with these words.

Usage Examples:

The article amounted to little more than harsh calumny intended to convince people to ignore his ideas and turn against him. (libel, defamation)

It does not matter if he is under oath, since he has already made it clear that he would be glad to calumniate his old nemesis in public. (defame) verb

What you've written here is nothing but calumny, and I'm going to sue this newspaper for millions for the way you have besmirched my reputation. (defamation, smear, libel)

The girl knew that the stories she told about her rival were calumny, but she told them anyway, in hopes of tarnishing her rival's reputation. (defamation, smear)

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